Monday, February 24, 2014

More office characters people dislike

It's not the work--it's the people you work with.  Peggy Drexler, WSJ, Feb-15-16, 2014, says workers are more like to complain about coworkers than the job itself.

The problem is--you can't pick your coworkers. So you are swimming with the passive-aggressives, autocrats, backstabbers, and others.

This article lumped all these under the title of "disrupters."

Another of the breed is the office gossip--gossip, according to one study, making up 90% of office conversations.

All this is pretty obvious. People! Get to know them--you may or may not love them, but they aren't going anyplace.

Oh--and are you one of the disrupters? I think I might have been when I had an office job.

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