Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Think twice on giant portfolio resumes

Melissa Korn, WSJ, Feb 6, 2014, says some universities are pushing grads to complete web-based dossiers of writing samples, school projects, and other meant-to-impress material instead of a simple resume.

Over half of students used one of these last year.

Just putting it together gave the students a better idea of their direction and capabilites. This is good.

But--few employers, apparently--actually look at them. They just don't have time.

There are also companies, such as Pathrite, that let you upload verified transcripts. This not catching on, either.

So maybe the strength of gathering all this is more in upgrading the student's confidence and appreciation of his or her skill set, rather than to wow recruiters or HR types.

Personally, I think the HR types are more into scanning your online presence--so don't forget that.

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