Thursday, February 20, 2014

What can ya do with an English degree?

Our dear president recently felt he had to apologize for calling an art history degree useless--a degree in manufacturing --whatever that is--would be more useful, he quipped.

Still, people persist in being interested in the arts, in language, in expression, in lofty goals of thinking and philosophy, despite the lack of a call for philosophers these days.

CareerBuilder says not to worry--a degree in English can still feed you. How about becoming an adult literacy or GED teacher?

Or English as a Second Language--you don't need to know the other languages, you can still teach it--they will train you.

You can become an editor. Do you think all these reams of internet and printed materials organize themselves? Many writers can't even spell these days.

You could also be a paralegal--which involves a lot of organized thinking and writing.

Or--a technical writer. You will figure out and write instructional books and manuals, as well as white papers.

What's a white paper? You'll find out.


Anonymous said...

The president said that students would be more likely to earn a living with a technical rather than an art-history degree.

He did not say an art history degree was "useless."

Maybe you can re-watch that part of the speech?

Star Lawrence said...

Since you decided to be snide, I will try to resist. If he didn't give short shrift to the arts, why did he apologize? I did not put the word useless in quotes. He has been saying all along that we need more STEM grads, yet engineering positions are going begging, too.

Star Lawrence said...

Plus he also said he took art history in HS--this must be Punahoe--most art history classes are college level.