Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is a "bar raiser"? You don't want to know

Greg Bensinger, WSJ, Jan 8, 2014, says Amazon--in all its vaunted wisdom--has a system for hiring bigwigs that includes so-called "bar raisers."

These are people in various departments who pass on a candidate. They do this even if their department or expertise is separate from that of the person being considered.

This company keeps looking and looking--their hiring process is excruciating (my word).

Bar raisers get no extra pay, although taking this on reflects well on them at promotion time.

Candidates (not the warehouse people) face many interviews, phoners, and the bar raisers also meet.

Amazon also determines a person's IQ and may present the prospect with brain teasers.

Also, this takes the bar raisers off their primary job--one said he limited himself to six interviews a week.

If a person runs away screaming, said one, this means they don't belong at Amazon.

Yeah, good to know. About the screaming.

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