Friday, March 28, 2014

Business cards--too disposable?

A smartypants named Gary Vaynerchuk, a "serial entrepreneur" and angel investor (WSJ, Mar 20, 2014), says in seven years, he has thrown out 10,000 business cards.

Some people, he says, think networking is based on handing out cards.

But why do we network--he asks. We network because at some point we might want something from the other person.

He gets this leverage by doing something first for the person and then walking away, asking nothing.

Pay it forward (I hate that term). How about if you see something the other person might be interested in and not know about--email it? Pick up a lunch check? Call just to see how things are going?

I do have cards. I never go anywhere to hand them out. But designing a new card every few years helps you pinpoint what you do.

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