Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cautionary tale

I have a relative, 40, college degree, single Mom, who is banging around this job market and has made a few moves you might want to consider not making.

Her background is social services, but the available jobs these days are phone sales (of colleges, of knives, of insurance plans) and a few social service things, but with weird conditions--like part-time nights and weekends. The latter is impractical with a child.

So it's a buyer's market. Each job she accepts has a training and probation period. In one, she did the two weeks training, mastered the facts of what she was selling, had OK numbers--but as soon as she could, she tapped the health plan for elective surgery and had a bad time with it and was out a lot. She was put on disability then let go.

The next two jobs were also phone--she did the training, but then had another ailment and skipped a day although they said no skips or you're fired. She was fired. Twice.

So now she is looking again.

My advice would be play the game. That is the economy we are in now. Fake it till you make it--suit up and go. Do your best. Try to learn new skills. See where it takes you.

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