Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lies can come back to haunt

What if you inflated your qualifications--say you said you knew software or a language in which you were not really fluent.

Mike Hayes, Momentum Specialized Staffing, says...hmmm....you have put yourself in a pickle.

He suggested offering to buy language learning programs and get better -- or take courses in the software.

But he also said the reader might have to offer to quit.

I once got hired when the HR guy was out sick--no typing test (quite the thing in those ancient days). I could not type--and we did not have computers that corrected things--if you goofed you started over or put white paint all over the page and tried to type over it.

I did not lie--it didn't come up. But later; they had to hire a secretary to do the typing, so I lucked out.

It is best not to lie, of course. Or even exaggerate. But I have a feeling the offering to take the courses might work fairly often.

Or am I wrong?

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