Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Messy desk, creative mind?

A blog called Busy Building Things had a story on the link between a slobby desktop and a creative brain.

They may be such a connection.

Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, had a messy office--how else would the life-saving mold get a foothold?

Yes, there is at least one study--Univ of Minnesota--people with messy desks more prone to risk-taking. Clean desks--rule followers.

When you are in the idea generating phase--chaotic desk. When going into production--maybe neater.

Keep things that could inspire.

And by the way, there are two types of messy--unkempt and dirty. Dirty may not be as inspiring--but, still, see Fleming (above).

My desk can get messy--I half read or half think something through and set it down--yes, I will pick it up again later.

I must be creative as all heck.

That guy in the pix--head of Zappos. Draw your own conclusions.

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