Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday--and not so chirpy

I was just doing my health blog and realize that I am probably not sick, just a good "noticer" of normal aches and pains. Well, peachy.

Then, I started to write here about how good managers are positive. I hate positive. Have you ever heard a dopier saying than "It's all good"?

I have a doctor tell me once to stay positive--no, YOU stay positive and I hope you went to med school they day they taught my operation.

OK...enough, Star.

Let's see--the CareerBuilder article on positive managers--it says not to be a negative manager. I can kind of grok that.

Don't be over-controlling. Overchecking, micromanaging, creating impossible rules--don't.

Admit mistakes. I mean, don't ignore them or cover them up.

Have a single standard for all.

Don't punish the good and reward the bad. Some manager do this to make themselves feel more adequate.

Ask yourself--do you think your people look forward to coming to work?

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