Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Online courses leading to specific job openings

Caroline Porter and Melissa Korn (WSJ, Mar 4, 2014) say many people know additional education or training could help their job search--but the array of even online courses is now dizzying. What do you do--stick a pin in one and take it on faith?

The Apollo Education Group for profit Phoenix College) is launching an online marketplace matching courses to jobs. It's called Balloon.

It will start with a catalog of 15,000 tech courses from Microsoft, Adobe, Coursera, and Udacity--and link these to job opportunities.

Balloon will be much like iTunes--an aggregator.

Also check out Degreed, which "scores" you for knowledge--including formal schooling, mag subscriptions and other criteria.

Another site, Acredible, allows you to post written work or a video of  you speaking a language.

Another aggregation of courses is

Balloon, eventually, will charge employers for leads to students who do well--and also have the chops the employer is looking for.

All we can be sure of here is--more change. Hang on

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