Thursday, March 27, 2014

Open floor plans started in Germany

In the 1960s, according to Julie Beck in Govt Executive Magazine, Mar 21, 2014, two brothers who worked in their father's office furniture biz kicked off the "office landscape" movement. More communication--less status.

As this became more common, studies showed people did not love it. There may be more communication, but less privacy.

With lack of privacy comes talking, typing, even chewing--ew. Still other studies showed all this affected concentration.

There was less exposure to windows--this affected sleep. Bright artificial light also heightens emotion.

Background music hurts many introverts. Sometimes people want a standing desk--while this may increase life expectancy (sitting supposedly cuts it, anyhow), it can result in foot problems and premature births.

So what is the conclusion? Private offices with plenty of sun and no overheads. Noise-cancelling headphones for i ntroverts--and cut their caffeine. More music for extroverts and seat them next to the coffee pot.

Oh, never mind. Cube farms are evil. So are standing desks.

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