Friday, March 21, 2014

Remember networking?

Do you still concentrate on making new contacts and keeping up your old ones? In the WSJ, Mar 13, 2014, some movers and shakers offer some tips on finding people who can help your business or startup.

One says networking is a terrible word. You don't get friends by setting out to cultivate people--you make friends. Get to know your friends better--ask non-work questions.

Another has suggestions for meetups--be there early. Maybe only three people do this--this is a good chance to really talk to them. When you fly, fly first class or business class--better people to talk to. You can always fly home from an event coach. Get active in charities--work with people on silent auctions and similar projects.

And...always have your contacts in mind. Send articles of interest. Attend their events. Don't namedrop or try too hard. One of the best networkers I know always does favors for people. He says yes.

Some of this can be done on Linked In--but face to face is more lasting.

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