Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time to take another cut?

Nothing seems to be changing. The govt has no idea what to do--and is doing the wrong things, upping the costs of doing business with taxes and that healthcare mess, leading to fewer hires.

I also seem to write about the same things year in and year out. Yes, we have been at this for years. Years!

Still, all you--personally--need is one job. So why  not reassess your situation? has come up with some tips or is recirculating them--but hey, we can all use a refresher.

Spellcheck like mad!  Your resume. Your cover letters. Your emails. By this, I do not mean "You're cover letters."

Get a decent email address for job hunting. Lose Hottie69 and put your name. Only your name.

Listen to your voicemail. Is it some rap song or slangy nonsense like "This is a machine, you know what to do, dude." Not everyone will be amused.

Employ "the Mom rule." On your FB and other sites--if you would not want Mom to see it, lose it.

Follow up but don't stalk. Unless it says don't call us, we'll call you, follow up after a few weeks. If they don't answer, catch a clue.

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