Friday, April 25, 2014

As we dribble along

Housing, at least new housing, is down almost 15%. Unemployment claims are up.

This economy is meandering along, half-waiting for some big stock market crash or an election or something to happen.

Maybe manufacturing could "return." And not just fixing recalled cars, either.

Maybe companies hoarding money overseas could bring it back and open factories.

But do people have money to buy what those factories would make--what with no jobs?

The Council of Economic Advisors reprints the same opening paragraph on each monthly report.

The 20-something in tech land continue to make money on what...WhatsApp sold for 19 bill and has 55 employees. So that's not a big job producer.

Chicago is never going to get those "big shoulders" back--instead we have drug massacres every weekend.

What's the answer? Drink more?

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