Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Break up the boys' club

Struggling for political advantage, the WH is trying to convince women they are being ripped off paywise. They had a "come to Jesus" type meeting there the other day in which women were invited to feel slighted.

Truth is, they may be in some cases--the the truth is also that this is not a federal issue, it's an HR challenge.

Audrey S. Lee, writing in Government Executive, Apr 8, 2014, says today's work force is not white men anymore--36% are other cultures. Forty-seven percent are women.

But the idea of a leader as strong, direct, confident, and take-no-prisoners persists--who does that remind you off--the white man of old.

Say you are petite, Japanese-American, speaking in uptones--management may ask where is her fire?

Instead you may want to study this woman's style--her troops are loyal, well organized.

Yet others who more closely fit the pattern of "the boss" may get chance after chance.

At least think about this.

But who may need to break up The Boys Club? The boys. This is a challenge. But, I think, one that the coming generation will do quite naturally.

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