Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dream of quitting corporate America?

Not so fast!

I did that--quit. I had a late-in-life baby and ended up freelancing for 35 years. Coupla things.

When you freelance, you will miss that check appearing in your account every two weeks. We were old school, a guy named Gil dropped it on your desk. Nice. You didn't need to hire muscle to get paid. You didn't need to wait 30 days, 45 days.

You will miss benefits--supposedly under this health care scheme, you may--repeat, may--be helped to buy some overpriced insurance plan--but it will be full of pitfalls such as out of pockets and limited docs and hospitals.

You may miss being a part of something--a team if you will.

You may even miss gossip. The watercooler, which in my case was the break room, which had its own staff to make coffee and get the doughnuts. Nice! The mailroom would also wrap and send your personal parcels.

Our former House speaker Nancy Pelosi likes to wax on how the health bill will let people dump "real" jobs and become creatives. Not that she would do that.

Well, you have to be sure that creative job would not only pay the health insurance, but the rent or mortgage, electric, water, credit cards, etc. You have to be REALLY creative. Not everyone is.

Still, 40% of Americans in one survey would like to leave their desk jobs--they would even take a pay cut.

Well, yes, they would. Think about it.

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