Thursday, April 10, 2014

Here's an idea--where do YOU want to work?

I knew a woman in DC who wanted to work for IBM. She studied the company, befriended people there, read business news, and did everything she could think of to get on there.

Eventually she did.

CareerBuilder is all for this approach, but says be sure you know why you are trying so hard to get hired by that particular company. Say you like a company because they have Friday happy hours--what if you get sick of those? After all, you are just socializing with the same people you work with.

Do ongoing research--set Google alerts. Find out who their partners are. What is their supply chain?

See if anyone you know knows people at the company.

In all, make your interest known before an opening happens.

There is one underlying principle that will help you--companies like people who want to work for them.

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