Monday, April 14, 2014

How to SELL your house

The Wall Street Journal has me shaking my head sometimes. I love breaking out my thick (but devastatingly attractive) glasses and magnifier and picking through stories on the latest in backwoods restaurants in Brazil or what socks are "in."

It's like I live in a different world.

Sanette Tanaka, WSJ, Apr 11, 2104, writes about how to hype a listing.

First, describe individual characteristics--granite countertops, wood burning fireplace. Each individual breakout increases price by 1%. Pick offbeat features--just saying bedrooms does not count. To WSJ readers this means, dual dishwashers, wine safes, safe rooms, etc.

Each additional adjective--beautiful, fabulous--boosts the price by almost 1%.

Don't overdo the descriptives, though, or people glaze over.

Also you want agents and prospects to have things to ask--a reason to call.

Keep descriptions under the MLS word count.

I would add--don't get ridiculously creative--words like ultra-cozy, warm, old-fashioned garden can mean tiny, no air and over grown to some people.

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