Friday, April 11, 2014

IT skills beyond just the technical

Time was, an IT guy or gal could be a pocket protector type, quiet, pencil-chewing, peering into a computer.

Now this person needs tact, empathy, maybe even charm.

Look at a problem, craft a solution. This is not cut and dried anymore. Some techies even build parts on 3D printers.

The IT person should know how customers use the product, what level of expertise they can or care to bring to it, and what they expect the product to do.

I often wish just an inventor would have to use the product for a year. One year!

If the customer says you take over the computer and install it--don't sigh with the weight of the stupid nontech world on your shoulders. Just do it.

Take AOL--how many WHOOPS SOMETHING HAPPENED screens would this person tolerate?

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