Monday, April 21, 2014

Two-pizza teams

According to Rick Karlgaard, publishert of Forbes, in Government Executive, Apr 18, 2014, when orgs form teams or focus groups, they loop in as many people as they can.


You may get a consensus, but more often, you will get an endless debate and get off track. The conflicting agendas will be flying.

That Jeff Bezos guy at Amazon forms teams that can be fed by two pizzas.

Small teams are more entrepreneurial. Recently the software giant SAP blew up its 20,000 person development dept and formed teams of 10 people each. Each team had power over the whole development cycle. It cut time nearly in half.

Also, fewer people, the easier to even get together. and the shorter each meeting.

People on small teams know each other and trust each other. Sometimes they will even sacrifice for the project or team. Small teams are also more specialized.

Small teams promote mentoring and weaken the glass ceiling.


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