Monday, April 7, 2014

What if your boss calls you an idiot?

Well, call him a moron, of course. Or her. Have you ever HEARD of the internet?

Actually firing back will make things worse.

I know, I am a buzzkill.

Instead, ask for a meeting.

Be nice. Maybe the boss forgot he or she TOLD you to do what you did.

Or maybe the boss's boss got torqued and you are the scapegoat.

Then you may want to send an email the next day summarizing the meeting.

Ask everybody to "copy" everybody, one authority says.

I would advise you to say your piece, say you were hurt by the name calling and let it go.

I once thought I was writing to one person and I called a list manager (male) a little old lady. SEND! Ooops, it went to the whole list.

By the time I apologized etc it was a screaming federal case.

And he was---a little old lady.

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