Thursday, April 24, 2014

What if your dream job is a nightmare?

Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, Ap2 22, 2014, says some people doggedly pursue a certain job or profession--and then find out they don't like it.

People expect a lot from a job--emotional fulfillment and identity. Problem is, most jobs are about what the employer wants, not what you need.

One woman craved the creativity of a big ad agency job, but found herself mired in budgets. Another got advanced degrees in international affairs, got a "big" security post in the Pentagon, worked herself almost to death and then did not want to go to war torn countries.

When this happens, you need to first overcome disappointment.

Then you need to make the most of the skills you did acquire.

Try to stay 12-18 mos to show stability.

But if you have to pivot sooner, do it. But try to be clear with yourself about why the other passion was so strong--was it for the right reasons?

Say you wanted to help others...There are other ways to do it.

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