Friday, May 30, 2014

America is backsliding

Our economy went backwards in the first quarter.

Anemic growth of 1-2% would have been welcome. But no.

Are you seeing this where you live? Are you out of the workforce now? Did you bail?

Are you working two or three jobs? Taking classes? About to graduate and wondering how you will pay off those loans?

This is big stuff!

The heck with a level playing field--we need any kind of playing field--an economy where companies recruit and train, where people can afford to buy what workers make, an economy where the casino or lottery is not part of so many people's financial planning.

Taking money away from rich people does not make me richer.

Let's see some industrial giants confab at the Big White--not people worried about teenage concussions, an important issue but not the business of the administration. Same for what we eat or what size sodas we can buy--let's concentrate on how we pay for what we eat and slurp.

We have an election coming up. Make your views--and your fears--known!

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