Thursday, May 22, 2014

Are you the work inside type or the wanderer?

Susan Ricker, CareerBuilder, May 22, 2014, invites us to decide a basic thing about ourselves--do we like office work or being out in the world?

Some people like being in the thick of the action in the office. For others, it's getting out, taking cabs or the subway, driving, meeting different people.

About 76% of inside and outside workers said they were happy, but more inside workers had some complaints.

Ditto for stress. About equal at 30%--but non-desk workers have more burnout.

If it's money you are going for, the desk jobs win. Those with desk jobs were twice as like to earn six figures. The non desk people were twice as likely to be under $35,000.

Seventy-two percent of desk workers liked access to the internet and technology. They also liked work that was not physically demanding.

Still they turned around and complained about being stuck at the desk or stuck inside.

The non-desk people liked being more active (68%). They liked the variety.

But they were also pooped at the end of the day (35%). And some said they were more prone to illness.

Sooo...which are you?

When I had a real job, I was inside and outside. I had to go to Capitol Hill almost every day--so I was out of the office for about half the day. That was perfect.

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