Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cheap fluff-ups for your home before selling

As the housing world limps and gimps, some people are trying to sell their homes. On the high-end shows (usually containing the words "Million Dollar"), they stage the fabbie houses and apts, put in new kitchens, and so on.

Out here in real life, maybe cutting the weeds in front would be a good idea.

The recommendation is to fix things up as best you can. The buyer can customize it the rest of the way to suit their tastes.

Some cheap steps:

Fresh linens and towels.

No small appliances on the counters.

Clean and oil wood cabinets.

Declutter--this includes photos.

Weed the yard.

Touch up painted areas that are scrappy looking.

Keep the front door area tidy--have a bulb in the light.

If you have the cash, granite counters and tile floors are good fixes.

I guess my painted concrete won't cut it, huh?

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