Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Grrrr--desk chairs

The city of Phoenix keeps 10 chair samples in a room for employees to try out. Well, isn't that SPESH-UL.

Actually, it is special--Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, May 21, 2014, says some people just aren't made to be in a desk chair--these chairs are made for the majority.

Four million workers are out in the cold. Or wracked with pain. Or fear.

Short people can't reach the backrest--ouch. Or else their legs stick out in front like a kid's.

Tall people north of six feet are all folded up, too. Or if they lean back, they fall over backwards.

Manufacturers now are also making tables and desks that go up and down--instead of those hydraulic chair adjustments.

I  HATE THOSE! Once one let go, my arthritic knees were suddenly bent into sheer agony as the hydraulics let go and the chair plunged down a foot. That chair is on the patio and I sit in a wooden dining room chair. Never again!

Check out a Steelcase chair called Gesture. I am sure they will take your first born for it.

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