Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How interviewers check your soft skills

Soft skills are such things as communication, creativity, team participation, spirit--sort of intangibles that govern how you will fit in.

Most employers now look for Science, Tech, Engineering and Math--computer programs mastered, and so on.

According to Mary Lorenz, a writer for CareerBuilder.com, they don't even delve into whether the person has a strong work ethic (no Monday sick days), can pitch in on a team, manage lots of priorities, and is flexible or confident.

If these are of importance to the employer, they will ask behavioral questions.

Some examples: Describe a problem you had with a supervisor and how you resolved it.

Or: Tell me about a time people did not work together and how you handled it.

Or: Describe a problem that was almost overwhelming to you--what did you do?

My advice is to try to be concise an d honest--and not braggy.

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