Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to be a more feeling boss

In the Wayback, when I had people to boss around, I tried too hard to be a pal. It was my weakness. I used the whole "we are all in this together" gambit--which your employees may not actually think is true.

Dan McCarthy, director of executive development, Univ of NH, Govt Executive, May 7, 2014, said a survey shows that 58% of managers fail to show the right level of understanding toward their employees.

Empathy means "getting" the feelings of others.

First, you need to get to know your employees. See if you can name their spouse, their kids, where they live, where their parents live.

Have one-to-ones with them occasionally.

Show an interest in their daily grind. What--you missed lunch all week, well, that isn't good.


Respond caringly--So I am hearing that you didn't get what you needed from John....

Lend a hand. The most important thing I did as a boss was set priorities. If I asked them to do 10 things, I put them in order of importance.

Still, if I also knew about divorces, children, this, that, as women tend to do, some employees played me.

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