Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is coding school worth the money?

You hear it all the time. Toddlers, can code. Learn to code--fixed for life. This means writing computer code, by the way.

Melissa Korn and Lauren Weber, WSJ, May 21, 2014, say coding boot camps are everywhere.

Learn Python. Learn Ruby on Rails. (What happened to BASIC? OK, Grandma will shut up.)

These places charge $6-$18K for a 3-mo course!

This is less than a college semester. Some are extending the time, though.

One source says there is a gold-rush thing going on here--and that coding can be frustrating on long-term projects. A quick deal it is not.

Also, most of these establishments tell you they are getting you ready for entry-level, which can be $60K.

Many grads, they find, need mentoring on the job, too. "You need good onboarding," one source said.

I think this is a case of you have to start somewhere. They compared schools-there seemed to be a, 82% to 100% success rate in getting a job after graduating one of these courses.

One student was able to quit bartending, others did better than that.

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