Friday, May 16, 2014

Jill, this your best look?

We are not supposed to judge by appearances--but you tell me one person who doesn't.

There is a big whup right now about Jill Abramson being fired from the New York Times--she says for asking for equal pay (the other guy had been there longer, I might point out).

I say it may be (partly) for sloppy grooming--not putting her best foot forward. For not doing the best with what she had. For a bad hair style, if that is one.

Be neat, clean, get a good haircut, and yes--use makeup! Most people look vastly better with a little definition and contrast.

Abramson has a muddy complexion and needs to smooth it.

And those eyebags...well....

I am not saying this is why she was fired. Exactly. But would you say she was representing the Times in the best light?

There is also a picture of her, tattooed, in a sloppy wife beater, boxing.

Spare me.

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