Monday, May 19, 2014

So you want to work in financial services

According to Kevin Knapp, CFO of CareerBuilder, 47% of financial services companies have open positions--they say they can't find the skills.

It's up to you to overcome misgivings if you want to work in the banking, investment or mortgage area.

First, be realistic Too many people expect a giant salary--and overlook the bennies.

Decide on several wage levels you would take using market data--not water cooler gossip.

Going in a little low with good benefits can lead to raises for performance.

If you have a skills gap area, know that 55% of financial services companies poll as thinking training should be paid for by the company and candidate equally. Thirty-seven percent provide technical ed on the job.

Communicate a willingness to learn.

Remember employers lose revenue from extended job vacancies. You hold some cards.

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