Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why men may not stand up for you, ladies

Less than 15% of executives at Fortune 500 companies are women. If men would like to see more, says Adam Grant at Government Executive mag, many may be afraid to get out in front.

There may be two types of sexism--the usual reason given for men's shyness in this area. The first is not wanting to share the wealth and the second  is being pro-women but just not in leadership.

Grant says it may be more than men think they won't be take seriously if they stand up for women--because they are not women and are seen as having no stake.

Mean speaking for woman can sound patronizing. One man who spoke for women was accused of trying to enhance his dating prospects.

Is there a winning position here? Can women build up women without the help of men?

Back when I had a real job, it was mixed--the men knew they owed all the efficiency of their offices and even their jobs to women, but still wanted to keep them in lower positions.

This is called a mixed message.

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