Friday, May 23, 2014

Your summer internship may be key

Brett Arends, WSJ, May 17-18, 2014, talks about a study some profs at Univ of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, Univ of Pennsylvania, and Auburn did.

Last year, they created 9,400 fictitious resumes for people out of college for three years and sent them to 2,000 online jobs in several cities.

These were banking, finance, insurance, management, marketing, sales--the gamut.

They sent four resumes for each job--changing variables. Half showed a business major, the other half English, biology, history or psych.

A quarter of these showed the past summer was spent in an internship similar to the job.

Five out of six never heard back. Shocker.

Only 17% were invited for an interview.

Majors did not matter! An English major was as likely to get an interview.

Grades also did not matter.

The summer internship--that mattered. And these were candidates out of college for three years--the internship still resonated.

Also--the internship cushioned damage from being a barista or underemployed.

The researchers were surprised. They had added the internship thing later. And afterthought.

They theorize that if you worked in a bank in the summer and then you applied to a bank even three years later, the bank would think you must like banking.

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