Thursday, June 26, 2014

Aging in place, you mean, living?

Most oldies, including your humble blogger, do not care to be a "home" even if we could afford a "home," which we can't.

So we are in our houses, for the time being. This is called aging in place. (Where do they come up with this stuff?)

Shirley S. Wang, WSJ, June 3, 2014, talks about some new wrinkles. I have also written about this for the Washington Post and others--floor sensors to tell if "Grandma" has gotten out of bed--reports back to adult children--and so on. My adult child lives here.

Some approaches:

Wearable alarms--"I've fallen and I can't get up" etc.

Radar to detect people in the home from a distance. Creepy.

3D sensors like in video games. No idea what this is.

They are using young people to take fake falls--teaching them to fall like old people. Now there's a job, kids.

In one nursing home, if a patient falls--the staff gets an email. An email? No carrier pigeons? They measure people's stride length, pulse, respiration to figure out what they are doing.

We're watching Real Housewives--now scram!

OK, I should not be such a smartass. I creep around my home aging away, afraif of falling, half-blind.  I really hate alll this.

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