Thursday, June 19, 2014

And the young shall lead us

Kids today are not that into getting a car. Digest that one.

But we are supposed to follow their lead in technology, according to Geoffrey A. Fowler, WSJ, June 11, 2104.

First, forget email. Only 6% of kids do this old-hat thing. They use it only for communicating with colleges and other official things.

Instead, they cobble up apps like SnapChat, Facebook Messenger and Twitter to talk to select people.This can avoid all conversations being saved, too.

Ninety-one percent of teens use images to communicate. Just don't overshare. You know what I mean.

You can hide your identity with unexplained jokes or hang with friends on Minecraft and group Skypes.

Teens also toss the user manual and find ways to bend these programs to their will. The send a friend a tiny amt of money on Venno instead of a Like.

I am so lost.

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