Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Be the best at all times--like my daughter

My daughter is an adult but she works at Wendy's because she likes it. It's walking distance, second shift, she has her days free to sleep or hang out, or both.

When she is on the mic, she opens with "Welcome to my Wendy's."

She has gotten several compliments on Wendy's website--but this one was stupendous:

"I wanted to compliment one of your employees, Kelsey. This location isn't the closest to where I live, but I now specifically make the extra drive because of Kelsey. She always remembers my wife and I and always provides the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Our order is always correct, the food always hot and fresh, and she always remembers to throw in a couple extra crackers and chili sauce for my chili!...Because of Kelsey, this location has earned a customer for life."

So--pretty cool? I was busting my buttons with pride! One time Kelsey joked that she was a "window professional."

What is the takeaway (heh) here...Be the best no matter what you are doing. And, second, people are noticing--remember that.

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