Monday, June 9, 2014

Do you annoy would-be employers?

Val Matta, VP of business development at CareerShift, says 2/3 of those who get interviewed don't follow up and following up is good--but many people do it wrong.

Be sure you contact the right person. Thank the person who posted it on social media, for instance.

Do not call or email if the posting says not to.

Do take schedules into account, Matta says. Wait a week at least. Even then people don't have time to respond to everyone. Face it.

You can follow up twice--that's it. Things do get lost in the shuffle.

Still nothing? You need to cut your losses. It's probably not personal--maybe someone else was more quallified or the boss's nephew or something.

Move on.

Also have more than one thing out--work with a net.

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