Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Don't forget to be awesome

Are you sick of that word? I am. But it's a catchphrase now--there are bracelets that read DON"T FORGET TO BE AWESOME. I sometimes (ironically, of course) say that to my kid.

Anyhow, Jessica Wrobel, CareerBuilder, writes about The LEGO Movie and the lessons of life therein.

An ordinary construction worker, Emmet, is picked to save the word from President Business.  He has help from other Lego figures.

Everyone in LEGO world since a song called Everything is Awesome. The evil Business dude uses positivity to keep everyone in line.

But even negative people need to concentrate on what is going right SOMETIMES.

Each of Emmet's allies uses his or her special power to great advantage. He is supposed to be a master builder--but really isn't--and he uses the powers he does have.

If you need an idea--look at the ideas you do have first. then gen up as many as you can.

So....I guess this is the toy theory...

What can I say? Don't forget... Aw, never mind. That evil business thing left me cold--try getting a job from someone who is not in business.

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