Monday, June 16, 2014

Restauranteur incubators

When I was a reporter just starting out, I wrote a story for the Wash Post on people who started food empires in their own kitchens. Even then, regulations were pushing them into facilities approved for preparation of food for sale.

Amy Edelen, special to the AZ Rep, June 15, 2014, says out here in AZ we have an incubator facility for restaurant entrepreneurs--one of 135 shared-use kitchens in the US.

It's called the Arizona Culinary and Wine Center in Tempe. The owner is opening a larger one downtown.

Such incubators have approved kitchens for rent, but also marketing and business help.

LaCocina--in San Francisco--is aimed at low income women wanting a food business. To even apply, you need a business plan, though they will help you with it before applying.

The Phoenix one is looser--they will help you develop a business plan if need be after you are in.

These "reduce the risk of failure"--a good thing.

I remember one of the women I interviewed talking about picking her way across her slippery, ice covered yard with her hands full of cheesecakes.

Maybe a truck could pull up at one of these incubators--much better.

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