Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Staying out of--or coming out of--retirement

You're too old to sit around! Retirement brings on you know what--and it isn't good. You have heard all this.

Some people, and I am one, just like being busy. Anyhow, who has money these days--we can't live on our savings at zero interest.

Kim Monaghan, CareerBuilder, May 24, 2104, talks about how to stay in the game.

The labor participation rate of those over 55 is climbing.  By 2018, almost a fourth of those over 65 will be working.

Don't let your fear or discomfort over technology worry you. You need to get techy. Learning new things keeps you sharp, anyhow. Attend seminars, classes.

Also, get used to it--almost everyone will be younger. What they like to call a multigenerational deal. You can even learn from these youngsters.

If you company has a wellness plan (that word again!) use it. Stay fit.

And don't check out of the game. Mentor younger workers. Join groups. Speak. Go to breakfasts and meetings.

And by all means, don't advise people to get off your lawn. Big no-no.

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