Monday, June 30, 2014

What grade would your boss get?

Lunch time!
Ever wish you could give your boss and A to F rating?

Of course, they did a study and 63% of US workers said their manager deserved an A or B (CareerBuilder, June 19, 2014).

Twenty-three percent said C.


And F--5%.

Communicators rated higher than Silent Sams. This includes email and texting.

What earns an F--dopey or horrible requests unrelated to the job.


Getting an underling to fire someone and drive the person home.

Coach others on how to beat a drug test.

Put weird purchases on their Amazon acct so the boss's wife wouldn't find out.

Go on the roof and see if there were any dead birds.

Well, heck YES! We can't have dead birds up there.

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