Thursday, June 5, 2014

When you lose your smartphone

Have you wondered at all how that Bergdahl guy emailed his parents and fellow soldiers after leaving the base in the actual middle of nowhere? Hmmmm.

Anyhow, if you lose your smartphone in more civilized areas, Geoffrey A. Fowler and Nathan Olivarez-Giles, WSJ, May 29, 2014, write that real-time data can help before the phone is deactivated. Apple has something called Find My Phone.

Apparently this sets a message on the phone to call a number--Apple also follows up and tracks. But then what? If the police won't run over, do you brace down some jerk yourself?

If the police do come with, all they can do is ask if the phone is there. If the jerk says no, endy story.

Still one woman went to the door and the man who answered said he might have picked it up at the bar by mistake--he handed it over.

This is considered finding property--not actionable. If someone snatches it from your hand, that is theft.

The police may respond to that.

Anyone else have ideas?

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