Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Which comes first--major or career path?

Some people--CareerBuilder says--enter college knowing what they want to "be." Others pick a major at some point but may end up doing unrelated work.

Should you pick a major and then see what jobs fit it--or think about your interests and then select a major?

Of course this depends.

If you want to be a doctor or say am accountant, mechanical engineer, or a chemist--you need to get in the proper major early.

A lot of skills aren't subject-focused--for instance, ability to work in a team, communicate, solve problems.

Down the line in college, you may need to decide how big an issue money is for you, can you have the career and the family you want at the same time, do you want to help people.

If you think you picked the wrong major and can't start over, take electives of interest.

Actually you will have many careers--not jobs--and plenty will match up to what you learned in college. Or not. Maybe some will be OJT--that's on the job training.

I was an Asian Studies major--never used it except to write a big story on China. I ended up being a lobbyist and then a reporter. Now I am back to screenwriting.

But you never know--my senior thesis was on man undersea--that paper got my my job in the aerospace industry.

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