Friday, June 20, 2014

Young people--Uncle Sam wants you

According to a story in the WSJ, Rachel Feintzeig, June 11, 2014, only 7% of government employees are under 30.

This compares to 25% in the private sector.

The government may fall behind in technology (cough, Obamacare website, VA, cough). What about our digital future--with hackers sniffing everyplace and that sort of thing?

Yet, the federal hiring process is confusing and lengthy and deeply broken.

Getting more young people in is a challenge, according to the head of the Office of Personnel Management.

When surveyed, only tiny percentages of STEM grads want to go into the government.

They say since the shutdown last year, it's too unstable.

What about how no one gets fired? Doesn't that give anyone heart?

Come on--someone has to.

Check out Yes, Jooble.

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