Thursday, July 10, 2014

Are any of these in your wheelhouse?

In his you know what
What is this wheelhouse stuff? Who are we, Steamboat Willie? (dated reference).

Have you noticed the endless jargon used in business? It's beyond cliche. It's incomprehensible babble!

The other day, I read the expression "pulling porkies." This is not delicious BBQ--porkies is from Cockney rhyming slang--pork pies--rhymes with lies. Just say LIES!

Recently CareerBuilder, which has a larky sense of fun, asked people their most hated corporate expressions.

Think outside the box--we have a winnah! I would like to STUFF that box! Yes, where there is no sun.

Ducks in a row--this applies only at the carnival.

Let's take this offline. What? Bandwidth--geeks only. Utilize--say use. Silos--farming only. Lean in. Takeaway.

I am pulling no porkies--let's lose some of these.

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