Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Control your brand

Don't you hate that you are your own brand stuff? Soooo...trendy.

There is something to getting a handle on what you put out there, though. According to CareerBuilder, 43% of employers check social networks about potential employees.

Half of those said they have found things that killed an application. Forty-six percent said off color or inapproriate photos or info doomed candidates. Forty-one percent said drunk or druggy info was bad.

If you are job hunting, pump up your privacy setting--maybe only friends or followers should have access.

Also make sure others can't post awful things on your site..

Think beyond networking sites. Some employers just "google."

Try to put things out there that are good, too. All your work with the poor, food banks, Peace Corps.

Don't we know all this? Back when I hired people, they didn't have this. You only had to gross me out face to face to get shown the door.

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