Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Did the 1989 dreams come true?

You know those columns where eggheads predict the future? Does anyone ever look back and see how they did? Yes--sometimes.

George Anders, WSJ, July 8, 2014, looks back 25 years to the Journal's predictions.

Well, no one knew about social media.

The space planes whipping people from NY to LA did not come to pass.

Healthy eating then was to be based on Olestra, a synthetic fat--which turned out to have bad consequences, like many dietary fads. It's since been declared safe, but no one wants to eat it.

Bangladesh is not a powerhouse. Same for Zimbabwe.

In 1989, they predicted data-infused glasses. Sure enough, Google Glass.

Cellphones would multiply--they did far beyond 1989 estimates. Maybe they did not predict no one would talk on them--just type.

Schools were going to morph into community centers--instead they sort of contracted into the basics.

And on it goes.

I want my Jet Pak! Oh, well, I would probably crash anyhow.

As Edith Bunker once said of astrology--"It's fun to know what's going to happen, even if it doesn't happen."

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