Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Don't be like fish

Be welcomed back...
Like fish, houseguests, the say goes, begin to stink in three days.

Lizzie Post. WSJ, July 17, 2014, has some tips for being a good and welcome guest.

People often go to the beach in summer--and their friends also want to go to the beach. So the guest thing jumps off.

First, don't bring steamer trunks of stuff--just the minimum. Ask ahead what activities might be planned.

If the hosts want to spend time with you, don't make a lot of other plans and run off every day.

If you have special foods, bring those. Bring your own toiletries.

If the host has kids, offer to babysit one evening.

Bring an appropriate gift--if they don't drink much, don't bring wine and guzzle it down yourself. Maybe a coffee table book on a interest the host has. Or some soaps.

Offer to help--but some people don't want help, so catch the drift.

Also--tidy up and don't snoop!

Follow up with a thank you note. A note, not an email or text. Text--very gauche.

Once we stayed in a condo on the beach and somehow some sugar was on the table when we left--ants marched in. The condo owner was not amused. Good-bye condo!

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