Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some work GOALS!

What is up with this soccer deal? People are going nuts. Some of the players are kinda cute in a gangsta sense.

Anyhow, Anthony Balderama, CareerBuidler, June 27, 2014, says soccer can teach us some biz lessons.

You need to learn that just because you are near the goal, this may not be the time to take the shot--see how they pass the ball back and forth, judging the best moment.

Don't headbutt. Red card (whatever that is) and not worth it. Plus at work you could get fired or charged. Also--no biting.

In the big picture of work and soccer, you can lose and still advance.

You need to trust your team. Yes, the goal keeper is the last line of defense--but the ball had to get past 10 other people to get to the goalkeeper.

Don't switch shirts to show camaraderie. In the office, this can result in a lawsuit.

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