Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The future of your looks

Sorry--come back when you are more unique.
I was going to write about the job market, but decided on that great guru Tyra Banks instead. In the July 8, 2014, WSJ, she speculates on the future of personal appearance..

In the future, she says, there will be changes in beauty and how people attain it. Beauty will be less coveted and uniqueness more desired.

Plastic surgery will be like going to the drugstore for Tylenol. The emphasis will be on looking unique--well, I see some unique looks on that E! show called BOTCHED, about plastic surgery in need of correction.

Hourglass figures will be the body type people want--indicating wealth.

You will pick your baby's features. Blue and green will be so common, dark brown will be coveted.

Skin color and features will blend into a Rihanna look. Alabaster white and ebony black will be the unique choice.

Oh--this blending will also eliminate prejudice. Whew.

Models will be obsolete--unique looking avatars will show clothes.

Women will also be in charge and live until they are 120.

Tyra--you go girl!

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